7 Things You Should Know About HIFU

The very first question you might ask is, “What is HIFU?” In reality, HIFU is an acronym for High Intensity Centered Ultrasound. This procedure helps to firm and raise the ageing of the skin by ultrasound.

Are indeed 7 things to know regarding HIFU care before you dive into it. Do the study to find out if this therapy is right for you.


HIFU might not be sufficient for all of us. If your skin is too young to be treated, you can not see any changes to your skin. Essentially, it’s pointless to spend your money in other beauty needs instead, such as the five skincare tips I’ve shared before.

Everyone faces ageing and, as we age, our skin loses its elasticity and firmness. With gravity, our everyday stressful lives, not sleeping or consuming a healthy diet, lead to a further loss of firmness in our skin.

When you apply your daily skincare, touch your face, particularly your cheek region. If you find that it’s not as goofy and perky as it once was in your earlier age, then it’s likely imperative to consider at the advantages of HIFU therapy .

Also, certain face shapes can not be appropriate for HIFU treatment. The only way to know whether your skin requires it or is willing to undergo HIFU treatment is to get a doctor’s advice.


Essentially, this system uses ultrasound to firm up and raise the skin from inside. It is intended for those who prefer the non-surgical method of tightening and raising the skin.

I’m the one who’s scared of needles and going under a knife. In reality, to be frank, I tried BOTOX. I’ve seen it last for six months. My jaw was so smooth, and there were no fine lines around my eyes.

After six months, that dimple in my chin came up, so did the marks. I was wondering if I was going to proceed with BOTOX, and that’s when I found HIFU! I assume that HIFU will be more useful to me in the long run.


Yeah, the answer is yes. The distinction is between the computer and the person running the machine. There are several types of machines out there that can perform HIFU treatment, but not all of them are made the same way.

We use a computer named Ultraformer III, a third – generation HIFU device. Let me use the word layman to illustrate the power of this machine. Basically, what you do is send ultrasound waves to the target region of your skin. These waves penetrate the skin as deep as 4.5mm. Usually, our skin contains less collagen as we age, and thus less bouncy and perky.

When ultrasound waves cause inflammation in our skin tissue, these inflamed tissues send a signal to our collagen to let it know that the skin needs to be repaired and healed. This is why, with the aid of the Ultraformer HIFU pump, the energy that penetrates the skin allows our internal collagen to speed up the healing and repair of our inflamed tissue. The regeneration process of collagen allows the skin to firm and tighten, removing wrinkles.

Ultraformer III not only helps to firm and tighten the skin, but also helps with contouring, such as removing double chin and tightening the neck by reducing the necklines.


You need to do your homework to find out if the machine is secure and the expertise of the doctor or practitioner is adequate to manage the machine. Don’t sign up for HIFU care at any clinic or lounge. The individual handling this ultrasound machine must go through a course to be trained prior to treatment.

My HIFU treatment or any laser treatment is still Facelift365. Previously, I shared a few explanations why I’d still go back to them. The Me Esthetic Clinic is safe and the doctors are very competent. I’ve had a lot of benefits from the laser treatments. The item that is at the top of the HIFU treatment list is that there is no recovery period.


It depends so much on your skin. Some may see a slower response from the skin initially, but as months go by, the positive result begins to creep up. Facelift365 workers advised me that it is normally possible to see results up to 4 months, but up to 6 months. As for me, I’m just a month out from the HIFU trip, and I can still feel the positive impact.

From my experience, the elasticity of my skin improved week after week. In a week’s time, I can pretty much see an immediate impact. My laughter is dwindling. Now, a month later, I see the best results with my cheeks, the elasticity at its optimum level.


The day after the operation, and the next day, my jawline and cheek felt some pain. It’s like the way my calves feel after a big workout session. In reality, treatment with HIFU is like a big workout for your collagen. It wakes up to make it impossible to reform your youth.

Since the ultrasound beams are concentrated on a small area/tissue below the surface of the skin, no damage is done to the upper layer of the skin. You may see some redness on your skin due to heat or some swelling, but it’s going to go down quickly.

The only side effect will possibly be HIFU addiction, until you see your youth come back.


I’m sure you’ll be using anti-aging products if you’re interested in HIFU therapy. Your doctor or health care professional will probably prescribe some appropriate anti-aging products for your skin and to keep your elasticity high.

As for me, I used these skincare items for my morning and night routines. I like the effects on my skin, and so far there has been no negative reaction. No matter what, use good anti-ageing drugs to see optimal results along with your HIFU treatments. You have spent time and money on making your skin look nice and healthy, and you can keep it well.

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