Cryosculpt Therapy

Cryosculpt Therapy

Sculpt your body using the most advanced fat-reduction technology available – CryoSculpt .

CryoSculpt is a body shaping procedure that is accomplished with the use of a unique fat freezing process called cryolipolysis.

Cryolipolysis is a nonsurgical body sculpting and fat removal technique that takes use of the fat cells’ sensitivity to extremely cold temperatures. Not to fear, the decreasing temperatures have no influence on other cells in the body.

What Exactly Is CryoSculpt ?

CryoSculpt’s success is due to the unique suctioning handpieces which suction targeted fats into their chamber then regulate the chamber’s temperature to successfully perform cryolipolysis . Temperatures within the applicator will be reduced to between -5 and -10 degrees Celsius. The targeted area will remain cool for up to an hour, depending on the size of the region.

Cryolipolysis successfully kills fat cells & induces apoptosis (cell lysis) in their vicinity without influencing or destroying the adjacent organic tissue. Dead cells will eventually be processed out of the body, and the outcomes will gradually manifest physically.

The fat freezing procedure can assist in the treatment of undesirable stubborn fat cells and the elimination of excess fat. The fat freezing procedure can significantly alter how others perceive you, as well as how you perceive and feel about yourself. The procedure is both safe and effective at reducing and eliminating fat cells. The fat freezing procedure may help eliminate between 20% and 45% of recalcitrant fat cells in the area with stubborn fat.

Areas of Treatment

CryoSculpt can be used to contour or reduce fat in any area of the body, including the abdomen, love handles, arms, thighs, and even the neck. Additionally, any and all skin types are invited to take advantage of CryoSculpt’s potential benefits.

It is critical to emphasise, however, that CryoSculpt is not a weight loss treatment; rather, it is a body-sculpting treatment. Thus, the ideal candidate is someone who wishes to treat problem regions and stubborn pockets of fat that diet and exercise alone cannot address.


Patience is critical when awaiting CryoSculpt results, as it takes time for damaged fat cells to undergo apoptosis and be eliminated from the body. Improvement will become apparent approximately 3-4 weeks after therapy, and complete outcomes will not become apparent until approximately 2-3 months following treatment.

Even six months after treatment, incremental progress is visible. Additionally, numerous monthly treatments are recommended to maximise outcomes and experience a remarkable cumulative effect after this time period.

How Long Will My Fat Freezing Results Last?

Yes, the fat cells are permanently destroyed. Following cryolipolysis , fat cells are eliminated naturally through a process called apoptosis, and the fat cells are excreted by the body via the lymphatic system as a waste product. Because the fat cells are eliminated from the body during liposuction, fat does not re-deposit in the treated area.

What Happens To The Fat?

Fat cells become inflammatory during the fat freezing process, and your body sends out specialized cells that eventually break down the afflicted fat cells. The lymphatic system gradually releases and transports lipids from fat cells to be digested and removed, resulting in fat loss. Because fat cells are eliminated through the urine, it is critical to drink enough water following your treatment.

Is It Necessary To Rest Following Cryolipolysis Treatment?

No, the wonderful thing about Cryolipolysis treatment is that you can resume normal activities immediately following treatment. Facelift365 does recommend that you increase your water intake by 2–3 liters, brush your skin regularly, and follow all post-treatment instructions. This will aid in the lymphatic system’s removal of dead fat cells, thereby improving your health and well-being.

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