What is the Hifu Facelift Affect me Before and After

October 9, 2019

Hifu facelift before and right after

Hifu facelift before and after stands for high intensity focused ultrasound. It is a cosmetic technology that can reduce the signs of ageing by improving skin tone or tightening and lifting several areas of the face. The procedure can show the results even after a single session. The positive effects of Hifu can be long-lasting up to years after being conducted.

The process of Hifu

The unique manner in which it is conducted reduces invasion to the inner parts of the skin. The technology facilitates penetration of the dermis and the superficial muscular aponeurotic system(SMAS). It uses multiple beams of ultrasound that do not affect the tissues individually. The beams then produce thermal heat at their point of convergence which in return causes tissues below the surface to tighten and contract. This removes the wrinkles and also replenishes collagen which tones the skin.

Areas that can be treated:

Number of sessions required

Just a couple of sessions are required. Most enhancement can be noted within 3-4 weeks. After this, the clients that have actually undergone hifu { name } can experience the results lasting for long. If you wish to tighten up and lift your skin without surgical treatment, then hifu is the most hassle-free method to do so. It is safe, reliable and a non-invasive treatment.

Advantages of HIFU

  • It is non-invasive. So the procedure does not disrupt the underlying tissues of the skin . The process is conducted with minimum disturbance of the skin tissues.
  • There is no bleeding, cutting or scatter effect. The beams of light penetrate the skin without cutting the tissues. This means that, after the procedure, you can immediately return to your usual routine.
  • There is a minimum risk associated with hifu treatment. There are no serious implications that occur after undertaking a hifu treatment.
  • Hifu can work for any skin colour. It is possible to produce results even for dark skin which was difficult to treat with light-based treatment. Whatever your skin tone is hifu will work efficiently.
  • It will not be an occurrence of a drastic change in your skin. After the procedure, the skin becomes stronger, healthier and young-looking at the same time.
  • The procedure can be repeated for many times if necessary. There are no side effects that can happen as a result of hifu being performed on your skin severally.
  • Ultrasound waves pass through tissues causing no harm. This translates to minimize risks associated with the process and also no negative effects in case it is done continuously.
  • Treatment does not take long and so you will not need any time to recover after the process. Results also start showing immediately you conduct the process for the first time.
  • Hifu works by stimulating natural processes in the skin tissues. This means that the results will be natural-looking and will also last longer than when using other forms of treatment.

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